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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Being Present

Wow, did the west coast of B.C. ever receive a fast and furious blast of winter last week! Within a few hours, SIX inches of snow fell and turned our mountainous neighbourhood into a winter wonderland. THEN, just as fast and furiously, heavy rain and winds and temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius moved in and, within eight hours, the snow was absolutely gone! Now, that's the way to have a winter snowfall!

Changing pace...

"Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you."
Quotation by John De Paola

Does that mean that if I slow down all of the Christmas list of chores will suddenly, magically become accomplished? Wouldn't that be great.

Since my return from The Haven, where I participated in a 12-day seminar and then went to California for the following week, I admit I feel as though I am in time warp. How is it that it is already December 8th with Christmas now a mere 17 days away?!?!

Normally a tremendously organized person, most of my Christmas tasks would be well under way by late summer... after all, most of our gifting goes out by mail. I HAVE to be organized far in advance.

Let's just say, I've changed!

Nope... not worrying and fretting anymore about what I have or have not accomplished. "Doing the best I can" seems to be my new motto. I'm changing the previous way of being and I admit, I'm not sure I like this more casual approach. I keep thinking I'll be letting something or someone down... for example, like when there are no gifts for the nieces and nephews to open this year.

We'll see. Perhaps I am breaking a long spell of being a "hard boss" on myself and am, instead, becoming more balanced and self-compassionate. Heaven forbid I am merely becoming a slouch.

I do admit that I feel I'm missing out on the "pre-joy" of the holiday season. I'm even weirded out as I enter the stores all decked out in seasonal decoration and carols are being played over the speakers.

Whoa... quick... time warp me into December 8th, please! I'd like to be present. Maybe the answer is to put up a Christmas tree this weekend... that will likely help my spirit enter the season.
For now, still back in mid-November, Carolyn

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