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Monday, May 07, 2007

Incredible Beings

Hi and welcome... glad you're here.

Sometimes certain individuals come into our lives that make a really big impact on us... making us stop, catch our breath and be amazed with their "incredible-ness." This last weekend, Richard and I had the honour of meeting a person like this.

To protect her name, I'll call her K. She is a fresh, natural looking, insightful young woman who sought out our counselling services, determined to get the help she needed in order to grow beyond some serious historical patterns of behaviour and contained emotions.

We settled into a day-long session with her, us giving her the very best of our professional and caring attention... and she "showed up" to heal with a spirit and openness that truly moved and impressed us. K had come to realize just how much her addictive behaviour was undermining the potential success of the good life she was otherwise creating... and decided she was ready to set herself free!

To wake up and realize, "I am keeping myself stuck! I don't want that reality any longer and I am now ready to do whatever it takes that's necessary to grow and change" is very powerful!
Recognition is always the first step towards change!

Shaking up life to become a better person takes courage. K was a blessing to work with because of her incredibly determined spirit to realize more of her potential... and we know she will never be the same person she was because of it.

Richard and I feel rewarded to have been invited to be a part of K's growth and our lives are richer for knowing and supporting her.

Who is the person in your life that most affects you with his/her "incredible-ness?"
What is it about that person that touches you in such a deep way?
Give this some thought today.
Hanging around with these individuals is "good medicine!"

Warmly, Carolyn

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