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Sunday, June 03, 2007

What Is Your Unique ULP?... Unique Life Purpose

Hello again,

I hope that you know...

  • you are a very special person with extremely unique talents and skills.

  • there is no one else on the planet quite like you.

  • and that you have a very important mission to accomplish in your time.

If you were asked, What is your ULP... your Unique Life Purpose... do you know what that would be?

In a conference lately, we were given several minutes to ponder this question before we then had to share it with the others in our group. What an interesting question to consider.

So, take 10 minutes right now, grab a pen and paper and write from your heart as to what you know of yourself, your talents, your passions and what you have to share with the world in your lifetime. Be interested in what you reveal to yourself.

Perhaps you will get a little clearer as to what your life path is REALLY about than you have been before. For me, my UPL is all about sharing all my goodness and love with the world and making a positive difference.

Warmly, Carolyn

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