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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Calling Your Energy Home... indeed!

Hi Balance Seekers,
Hey, I found a good article in the online American Chronicle news and had to share it with you. My compliments to Molly Gordon for writing a thought-provoking article (entitled, "Work Life Balance: Calling Your Energy Home") that points to the several key areas of life in order to recover your lost energy from. Her approach resonates with our Inner Fitness(R) way of thinking!

To give you a little taste of what she's emphasizing, Molly says;
"Do you have the energy to sustain work life balance or do you sometimes suspect that if your dreams came true you would be too tired or scattered to sustain them?

Without work life balance, we may leak our energy and resources and lose focus. We leak energy to unimportant activities or unconscious commitments as a result of not having focused intentions and make considered choices. The simple (if not easy) solution is to call our energy home by returning to a work life balance that will support our values and intentions.

Once you have identified your energy leaks, you will begin to recognize ways to close them and regain work life balance. Each time you close an energy leak you become more focused, clear, and balanced. "

She then provides a worthwhile questionaire to check out where your "energy leaks" are.

Here's the link, give it a read;

Glad to share this with you... leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Warmly, Carolyn
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Camping... a "balance battery" recharger

What a fun, fun, fun time we had camping last weekend!

It had been two years since we last packed up the car with all our gear and set out for the wilderness. Richard and I knew we were likely to feel somewhat "rusty" with the whole experience, but in fact it came naturally as though no time had passed. Travelling and setting up side-by-side camps with three of our closest friends made for a great time! Even Diva, our little Abbysinnian camping-cat came along and did pretty good!

Lund, B.C. is a teenie-tiny coastal community "at the end of the road." Lund itself has charm and appeal (plus the world-renowned cinnamin buns at Nancy's Bakery!), but the real magnet for arriving tourists is to travel over to the old-time feel of Savory Island... a fifteen-minute water taxi ride from Lund. The island life is like stepping back to a time in the 50's when the pace of life was considerably slower, bicycles are the main way to get around and the lack of electricity invigorates creativity in ways we just don't see much of today. It is no wonder why so many people are excited about summering on this lovely California-like island. We'll go again.

Our camp cooking was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend for me! What fun it was to pool our groceries and energy to create such tasty, healthy meals in camp. A little imagination went a long ways a few times, especially the evening that the tortellini got cooked up. (We love you, Bob!) The highlight of the camp cooking, though, was Richard poking a stick through a raw egg then cooking it perfectly over the campfire without it exploding... one of his wilderness survival tricks from long-ago, something he's bragged about being able to do for a long time and finally got to demonstrate. Needless to say, we were all pretty impressed!

I knew that getting away from the intensity of work and day-to-day life then getting out in nature would be impactful... and it was!... but it was being with our special friends that made the biggest impact for me. We have always been close with our friends, but how great to experience the deepening that happens with significant time together, over and above the usual visits of dinner or brunch together. Sitting around the campfire sharing stories and histories, cooking meals together, hiking, seeing each other in the morning before coffee, etc. has made for knowing each other even more, enriching our friendships. Camping has a way of getting us closer to our mates, too... for time spent slowing down in wilderness helps to connect hands and hearts.

I was thinking on our return trip home that true friends are, in a wonderful way, like extended family members... they're important ingredients to a good life. We're grateful that our lives have been blessed with these three special people... thanks for a wonderful time Ash, Rob and Bobby! Let's go off in another camping direction again soon... that was a blast!

I am now back at my work and studies feeling much more rested, my "balance batteries" having been recharged. If you haven't spent significant time with your friends lately, I highly recommend you do so in some capacity... who knows, camping might be a cool way for you to recharge your soul and friendship, too.

Warmly, Carolyn
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