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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Women In Power - Secrets of Their Success


To all of you women viewers, I offer an interesting video today, entitled “Women In Power – Secrets of Their Success.”

This 9:52-minute long video looks at the issue of how women compare to men leaders. Interviewed are three powerful women business leaders; Arianna Huffington, Sarah Blakely and Jerri Devard… who talk about the unique strengths that women bring to the business world.

I really appreciated hearing the specific tips that women can make to climb into better corporate positions, everything from;
- building a deeper confidence within
- how looking after a family and household makes us better in business and
- learning to trust our guts more.

Have a look for yourself…

Hope you hear a few pearls of insight here… I know I did!

Warmly, Carolyn
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