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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Retreat Programs for Personal Development


Richard and I recently facilitated a 3-day Inner Fitness(R) Personal Retreat Program for a couple wanting to better their relationship. They came extremely openminded and willing to look honestly at themselves and how their personal "stuff of the past" was contributing to their current woes.

It was such an honour to support them to go beyond their limitations into a new way of being together. They left with a much better understanding of themselves and felt excited about how they were growning in their love and relationship!

You might wonder what an Inner Fitness(R) Personal Retreat Program entails.

These personalized programs are designed in consultation with you to help you meet your personal aspirations for a more fulfilling life and relationship. Organic by nature, we would work to support you and your specific needs... each program being very different from each other, based on what each couple needs resolving in their relationship.

Our commitment is to help you grow free from historical patterning, strengthen new attitudes and behaviours, heal old wounds, improve your communication and interpersonal skills, increase levels of energy and peace of mind... and thereby recognize your greatest potential to live authentically together.

With almost 30 years of experience in our own loving relationship and in our counselling practice, Richard and I know that when we work to better ourselves while reflecting on how our individual "stuff" affects our significant relationship, this becomes an important combination for transformation!

Three full days spent working on your relationship can become a vital turning point for a new way of being together. $1995US includes the program and all of your lunches and dinners... transportation and accommodation not included.

Here is what one of our Retreat Program couples wrote about their time with us...

"Thank you so much for our (retreat) time. We cannot express how much this has helped us and we're so happy with what we have now started."

R & S from Washington State

For more information about our Inner Fitness(R) Retreat Programs, click this link... or give me a call and discuss your interest.

A little support to grow personally AND in how we relate with our beloved can make a life-changing difference... and all of us can use a little support at times! Is it your time to nurture yourself and your significant relationship? We have much to offer.

Warmly, Carolyn and Richard Clarke

P.S. Our "Becoming the BEST YOU Possible" eBook offers an extensive chapter on improving relationships, if you're not ready for a retreat program yet.

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