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Monday, July 02, 2007

Embracing Change

Wow, what a super full birthday week I've just celebrated!

Sorry I've been away awhile, I love to write more frequently than this and promise I will now that my birthday and Canada's July 1st birthday celebration marathon has passed. It was great seeing special friends, receiving calls, cards and flowers. I feel very loved... thanks to all of you that remembered and reached out.

It has been a few weeks since attending the "Coming Alive" seminar at The Haven Institute. Each and every day has me reflecting on what I learned about myself and, more so, making the effort to IMPLEMENT what I learned. This little quote spoke to me, have a read...

"Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken."
Quotation by Frank Herbert

Embracing change easily and without fear is quite the task... but is a worthy task. It is when we grip in fear of change that we become stagnant, within ourselves and in life.

The truth is, everything is evolving, unfolding and becoming. This is the law of the Universe and we can either embrace it, or be dragged kicking and screaming through life. Change is inevitable, so why not eagerly embrace the mystery of it and hold intrigue as to HOW it is going to unfold... AND how I can participate and influence it's positive unfolding.

My seminar at The Haven gave me a fresh readiness to embrace moving ahead. Though not easy self-work (and actually really emotionally painful in moments), the rewards of learning new things about how I'd been approaching life have given me new perspective to move forward from. Every person in my class became a mirror for me to see an aspect of myself to grow from... and for each of them I am grateful. But, this is true of every person we ALL come in contact with, if curious enough to consider how... every person a small reflection of ourselves to learn from and grow.

The task, now that I am home and back in my usual routine, is to "stay awake," remember what I learned and how to apply the every day practices that will help me to grow further on my life path. Already I'm recognizing the temptations to simply fall back into the comfort zone of past behaviour, calling on me to be ever diligent. That tends to be the hardest part of change for most... the integration of new practices and ways of being based on our learnings.

Life is not the same as it was yesterday, and thankfully it will not be the same tomorrow.

Conditions in the outer world may change, but presence of mind and heart will help us to remain constant and sure.

How are you in relation to change?

Are you a curious change artist, or do you dig your heels in with resistance to change?

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In appreciation,

Carolyn Clarke

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