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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The WAY You Work vs. WHERE You Work!

"Your happiness ultimately comes from the WAY you work, not WHERE you work."

Quotation by Russell Simmons (1957 - ) American entrepreneur

Many letters come to me from my Work & Life Balance subscribers who express their dissatisfaction with their place of employment.

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Intending no disrespect, I suspect that for some workers, much of their dissatisfaction is self-inflicted.

  • Some do not have their work space set up to work as effectively in as possible.

  • Some have distracting co-workers who impose into their time and space, without adequate boundaries set up to enforce new ways of working.

  • Many feel under-utilized or appreciated.

  • And of course, even more are simply overworked, trying to do the job really meant for more workers.

Certainly not to trivialize the dissatisfied employee's experiences, the above quotation does have some merit.

There is a direct relationship between those workers that ritually attend to their personal self-care practices each day (exercise, proper nutition, quiet time, meditation, reading or a form of creative expression) having a MUCH higher threshold of ability (and quality of experience) in their work.

Those workers that align with a positive "glass is half full" attitude have a much higher patience and persistence ability, plus a greater sense of reward in their endeavors.

So, I challenge you to consider the WAYS you align in attitude and the WAYS you approach your work! Here are 4 places to start...

  1. Maybe you best set new spacial boundaries in your workspace.

  2. Maybe you best reorganize your workspace to optimize more effective work.

  3. Maybe you could afford to clean up your attitude.

  4. And, maybe you best implement self-care practices each day, so that you can feel good about your work life and your personal life.

These are, at least, good places to start if you are feeling unhappy at work.

But, if these issues do not apply to you and you're doing everything right in these regards... then, maybe you DO need to consider a new work space, one that would allow you to be happier!

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Wishing you the very best... at home and work,

Carolyn Clarke

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