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Friday, August 04, 2006

3 Simple Keys To Happiness

Morning my friend,
As I ate my breakfast listening to CBC Radio just now, my ears perked up when they talked about a "Happiness Study" that just completed.

The two participants being interviewed (both having had major challenges in health and career over the last year) spoke of a few key principles / practices that they aligned with to help them remain happy, in spite of their unfortunate circumstances.

You might be surprised at how incredibly obvious they are!

The 3 Essential Keys To Happiness are;

1. Be grateful!
Irregardless of what life throws at you, consider even the "unfortunate bumps of life" are blessings given to you to see as opportunities. Take the positives out of every negative.

2. Smile at everyone! Irregardless of whether others smile back at you, extend an openness of Being and spirit... be tickled with surprising people. This will "plant a seed" in their mind and heart, plus continue to affirm happiness in your being.

3. Extend kindness! Find a way every day to help another person. It might be as simple as asking your elderly neighbour if they need something from the store, since you're going anyways. Even if your neighbour doesn't require anything, the caring gesture will instill happy feelings... in both of you.

Actually, they listed a 4th key as well, but I quickly dismissed that one for now. : ) They recommended getting a puppy!

Pretty simple practices, hey. Imagine how different the world would be if every person on the planet put these to work... it would become a happy and caring world. Don't we know that this world needs all the help it can get right now!

Here's smiling at you... in spirit.

Warmly, Carolyn
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