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Sunday, September 10, 2006

What Is Quality of Life?

Warm hellos!

My thanks to each of you that take the time to write me with compliments, updates and your personal successes. Your notes mean SOOO much to me! I am tickled to know so many of you are applying our Inner Fitness(R) Tips and getting good results from them... yay, I say!

One of the questions that came my way the other day is, "What IS quality of life?"

Wow, what a question... and how on earth do I answer this?

I know how I would answer it for my own life, but since "quality" is a very personal and subjective experience unique to every individual whatever I could answer would likely not be right for you... it would be right for me.

(C)2006 Photo by Carolyn Clarke, all rights reserved

So, I turn this question over to you... to answer for your own life.

What would living a quality life look and feel like for YOU?

What are the elements of quality that you are missing?

Who would you be or become to maximize quality?

What would your circumstances be like?

Who would the ideal people be in your life?

In what ways would you be living more of your potential?

I hope you'll contemplate this for yourself over the next while.

Here's to all those committed to living a magnificent, quality life!

Warmly, Carolyn
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