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Friday, November 02, 2007

Hello again!

I've been totally away from the world attending the 12-day Phase One personal development program in awareness at The Haven on Gabriola Island, B.C. Good to be home, I feel like a changed person.

(C)2007 Copyright, photo by Carolyn Clarke, all rights reserved.

How to share all that I have just experienced!?!?

Through incredible process exercises and being mirrored by some 30 wonderful participants, I have been opened into a much more communicative, authentic person with a sense of purpose now. I feel still inside, which is new for me, instead of my usual hyper, "doing-style" of personality.

The following quotation speaks to the quest for personal change. The stirring that is referreed to is what propelled me to go to The Haven... and for my sense of life courage and desire to grow and change, I am grateful.

"Eckhart Tolle says that the first step in awakening is realizing that you are not awake. For many there seems to be something, an urge, a persistent presence--that is arising from the very core of humanity that is stirring and nudging us to come awake. This awakening is not a next step to take but a profoundly different way of being. Are you ready to be awake?"
Quotation by Ric Beattie

(C)2007 Copyright, photo by Carolyn Clarke, all rights reserved.

If you are at a stale or inquiring point in your life, I highly recommend that you make a visit to The Haven. There you will meet many, mighty special like-minded people on a similar quest... and I am also certain you will reaquaint with a very dear friend again, yourself.

(C)2007 Copyright, photo by Carolyn Clarke, all rights reserved.

Set your Self free to fly in life!! I see the beauty of life with "new eyes" now... you can, too.

(C)2007 Copyright, photo by Carolyn Clarke, all rights reserved.

Warmly, Carolyn
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