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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Include Wealth Management in Work and Life Balance!

Talk about inspired!

We've just returned from a business trip to Tucson, Arizona where we taught a seminar on "Building Better Relationships" for the Core Training Summit. What an honour it is to be a part of this company's teachings!

Core is a wealth management coaching organization for high achieving real estate agents and mortgage brokers. It is SO exciting to see how these highly successful business people are applying the money management skills being taught to them and having their lives greatly improve as a result. We lend the Work and Life Balance and Personal Development component to their bi-annual conferences.

As I reflect on our Work and Life Balance formula for success, I believe that money education really ought to be as major a focus of learning as physical, emotional, mental, relationship and spiritual care. So many North American households are struggling to make ample money, let alone have a plan of action to KEEP their money for future needs.

Debt has become an epidemic way of life and it is no wonder that money causes the high degree of stress that it does. It need not be that way!

Since money management is not within my area of expertise to teach, I recommend that you look into the great teachings of such wealth mentors as Loral Langemeier.

Here's to cleaning up your money... a very important aspect to being able to live with a sense of ease, peace of mind and balance.

Thank you Core Training, for including us in your powerful program. We have come home feeling influenced by your message to make a few changes ourselves, for our future.

Warmly Carolyn... with Richard, in Tucson!

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