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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Coming Alive!

One of the recommendations Richard and I make to busy folk like you is the importance of scheduling occasional time to draw back now and then to completely rejuvenate your body and soul. This means time away from pressures, commitments, maybe even people... to be pampered and invigorated again.

We ALL need times to totally unhook... physically, emotionally, mentally and work-wise. Create time to go inward, time to rest and renew, time to slow our bodies and minds down and to nurture our spirits again.
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Well, it's my turn now... the perfect time to take a good break.
For one whole week, I'll be "unplugged" from the world, away from the computer and the phones, etc. to give total attention to Carolyn's "Coming Alive!" I am going to a retreat center here in British Columbia to participate in a program with that very name... and it being the very reason I chose it.
Having completed the writing of our "Becoming the BEST YOU Possible" eBook and building my homemade website to promote the book, I realize it is time to step back, take a review of my accomplishments, assess new directions and recharge my batteries for my next burst of enthusiasm.

I admit I look forward to getting up off my flattened behind from far too much sitting, gaining a fresh focus and stretching my liveliness muscles again. There are parts of my being that need dusting off and reminding that I'm alive with all sorts of energy to offer next. What that will be, I am not sure, but one thing I do know is that I'll be celebrating having accomplished a really big dream... that of writing my first book.
How I look forward to quiet mornings walking on the beach, yoga and massage sessions, having journal writing time and experiencing the caring support of two facilitators to take me to the edges of knowing myself in new ways again.

Upon my return next week, I will introduce our new BEST YOU eBook in an "Official Launch" to the Internet public. In the meantime, I'll not be writing until my return on the 16th.

Have a really good week... until I have some "Coming Alive" stories and realizations to share with you!

Warm wishes for you while I'm away,

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